Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simple Spring


IMG_1773 I potted a few flowers for my porch yesterday. This sight makes me so happy. Things have been crazy and I love how something as quick and easy as a few new flowers can recharge the spirit.

This year I went ‘old school’ (cheap) with geraniums, pansies, and daisies.

My daughter is driving home from college and bringing her boyfriend to Seattle for the first time. I’ve had a lot of little to do and clean around the house, and on top of that it’s laundry day, so I’ve been on my feet a lot. My sweetie just came home, and said  “You need to get off your feet for a minute.”

Me, “I have too much to do”.

Him, “ Just ice your foot for a half hour. Here, I brought you some chocolate.”

Enter Ghirardelli Intense Dark Evening Dream 60% Cacao bar……

Me, “OK, I’ll sit down a bit.”

I Love you Sweetie!



  1. I like it! I need to spruce up my porch, but it doesn't get any light.

  2. Oh man. What a perfect thing to hear from your hubby! A little jealous, might I add.

    I was hoping to plant a few little pots myself this month. I better get busy, the month is almost over! Your look great.

  3. Wow! You have a pretty awesome husband! How sweet!

    I have a pretty good man myself though, so I'm not too jealous, except maybe about the chocolate. :}


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