Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today I am linking up to the Fabulous blog of Kristina Pulsipher, who is asking us to get out our old Glamour Shots, basically to ridicule the clothes and big hair, etc.

I thought I’d link up even though I was too poverty stricken to ever go to a real Glamour Shots, or any studio for that matter. That’s not to say that in college I didn’t enlist the help of my friends to get some ‘ooh la la’ shots to send to my fiancé who was serving overseas…..So here you go. This is me circa 1987.

Glamour 003 cropped This is my BIG HAIR picture. Seriously I rarely had the big hair look down, my hair was so thick and just didn’t stay poofed very well.

Glamour 003 This was photographed on my friends VW for added glamour. I’m surprised they didn’t hire me for auto showrooms then and there.

Glamour 004 This is in my homecoming dress from High School. My Mom made the POOFY sleeves to be worn tastefully on the shoulders so the ruffles would caress my tresses and frame my face. As you can see, my wanton college life had me scandalously dropping the ruffle of my shoulder. This was pretty risqué for me, and rest assured, I didn’t leave my room exposed like this.

Do You have any flashy photos? If so, link up to the fun!

gs_purple-3Click on photo for link



  1. OK, I know I mis-typed 'Glamour' On Kristina's Linkety list. Ugh.
    I can't change it, can't add another, and can't delete. So here I am in all my dorkiness for all to see.
    Today you all can feel a little better about yourselves because I can't spell :P

  2. Well these are WAY better than in the Glamour Shots studio. Love the car. Adds a nice touch! lol

  3. Rawr! You look hot on that car!!

  4. DUDE. I didn't have a car in my glamour shots! I totally want a re-do!

  5. I LOVE that you are all over that VW Bug. Genius.

  6. Those are waaay cool! The prom one is gorgeous!

  7. Popping over from Kristina's carnival of course. Yours are the best I've seen so far, perhaps BECAUSE those waccos at Glamour Shots didn't do it. LOL
    You are gorgeous!! Love the car shot.

  8. That is awesome. What we girls wont do for our boyfriends eh? So fun!

  9. I love your confession! That's awesome!

  10. I am coming over from K's Carnival. I think at least 50% of the girls in my high school had this hairstyle on the car. Nice one!!

  11. Oh these pics are the best!
    I love them all, even the scandalous shot!


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