Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Day

Jon and Lynnae 3-2010

This is a picture we took on Sunday of me and my sweet husband Jon. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I liked it so much I had to put it up here. The second is Jon practicing his best ‘Jack Donaghy’ look.

Jon, March 2010 What a cutie!

I have a lot of errands and household stuff to get done today to prepare for Easter, and my trip next week. Things with my daughter are a little more upbeat since seeing the neurologist yesterday. We don’t know anything yet but feel the ball is rolling now. She has a lumbar puncture tomorrow. She went to school yesterday afternoon, and today will be her first whole day this week. She will do what she can and not stress about the rest. She did tell her work she can’t go in for a while. We’ll take it easy and hope things get resolved soon. Jon met with the school counselor and she also picked up her cap and gown. What a crazy month it’s been.



  1. Hey, I have that cardigan in red!

  2. Wow! I bet it's so cute. I love the frills.

  3. Love the sweater- it is so cute.

    You guys look great, I am glad Arianne is at least gaining a bit of hope from the tests. I hoe the college visit goes well and the place warms up for you a bit!


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