Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back from Utah

IMG_1729Here are pictures from my Utah trip with Arianne to visit her future University. For two days we stayed in St. George where I went to school, soaked in a little sun and climbed around on the red hills.

IMG_1675IMG_1698This is the pool area at the hotel. SUNSHINE!!!!!! But don’t try and plan your evening around the timer on the hot tub, because it is WAY off. We thought we’d been out 15 minutes and it was more like 40!

This is a picture of the lovely St. George Temple at night. It belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and was the first one completed after the Mormon pioneers were expelled from Illinois and made their trek to Utah.   IMG_1688After St. George we drove back up to Utah Valley where I stayed with my sister Brooke for two days. On Friday we had a cookout up in the canyon. All the parents were on double duty because they were watching extra kids while a few couples were gone away on a cruise. The kids were all having the time of their lives eating hot dogs and s’mores and playing in a nearby creek.IMG_1737IMG_1750  Eric, Krisi, me and Brooke, siblings around the campfire. 

We also spent some time with family and visited my oldest daughter. We met her boyfriend for the first time. For some reason I didn’t take any pictures of them, but they will be up here soon, so I’ll take some then.


Lynnae at Dixie cropped

Well, that’s my trip. It really felt sandwiched in between a lot of other things going on here, but it was a nice break and good to spend time with my daughter one on one.

- Lynnae


  1. I do love St. George. You are both gorgeous!

  2. Great didn't need a studio for those glamour shots! As for picutres of H & N \ you were probably "over-exposed" by those endless vidoes from the Sunday Night sing-a-long. I missed seeing you when you were here, but I'll see you in July!


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