Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day

Can You Feel The Love……..

hearts 2

My husband had a treat for me on Valentines day. He handed me a heart shaped box of chocolates. On it was a note containing the riddle that Mr. Elton gives to Emma. 


I smiled and then opened the chocolate, and found……..


He had cut out the box sections so he could fit the DVD in there! Sweet!

(I will add that that gift was soon followed up by a box of chocolates from my favorite local shop).

I made chocolate covered strawberries for us, and he cooked the most tender steaks I’ve had in ages.


  1. Your husband knows you all too well!

  2. I should point out that I set out to find the (shall we say) not the best quality chocolates to use to make the DVD box because I knew there would be latent disappointment that she was getting those chocolates instead of the ones from http://www.ohchocolate.com/.

  3. I love the hearts in your studio! It looks so fun and festive in there.
    Way to go Jon on Emma and Chocolates....
    Can't wait to come see you on Fri :)

  4. That is so sweet! I love that your hubby hid the dvd inside the box of chocolates!


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