Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Jane Austen Party

Welcome to my second annualcolor edit IMG_1293

 Jane Austen Party

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The house has been decorated…….I brought down all the heart garlands that you’ve seen in my studio.color edit IMG_1317

  I was still in the bustle of preparations as my guests arrived.  We had lovely food, heavenly cocoa, and sweet punch. After eating we presented a dramatic reading, ‘The Visit’ by Jane Austen, from her juvenile works. We also read two short scraps, also from Jane’s juvenile writings, which can be found below.

We then danced a bit. Needing more room than the piano room can offer, this year we pulled furniture out of the family room and had room for five couples to stand up together. Our English country dancing was relatively successful, even if our space was still rather confined.

color edit IMG_1297 

color edit IMG_1346Visitors brought their own additions to paste into ‘Emma and Harriet’s book of Love Poems’. After the book was assembled we all admired it, guessed at some of the riddles, and then had a drawing to see which lucky participant would win it.




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  Pictures of the book’s ‘courtship’ page I made, and below are more pictures of the event, thanks to a few lovely young ladies who were very willing to pose for us. I’m regretting that I didn’t get pictures of the whole group. I had some enthusiastic friends and family here to enjoy the day, I just didn’t pick up my camera often enough. But here are just a few more. Thanks for visiting!

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Two short works by Jane Austen:


A short, but interesting Tale, is with all imaginable Respect inscribed to Mr. Francis William Austen, Midshipman on board his Majesty's Ship the Perseverance by his Obedient Servant


MR. HARLEY was one of many Children. Destined by his father for the Church & by his Mother for the Sea, desirous of pleasing both, he prevailed on Sir John to obtain for him a Chaplaincy on board a Man of War. He accordingly cut his Hair and sailed.

In half a year he returned & set-off in the Stage Coach for Hogsworth Green, the seat of Emma. His fellow travelers were, A man without a Hat, Another with two, An old maid, & a young Wife.

This last appeared about 17, with fine dark Eyes & an elegant Shape; in short, Mr. Harley soon found out that she was his Emma & recollected he had married her a few weeks before he left England.

A Tour through Wales --
in a Letter from a young Lady --


I HAVE been so long on the ramble that I have not till now had it in my power to thank you for your Letter. -- We left our dear home on last Monday month; and proceeded on our tour through Wales, which is a principality contiguous to England and gives the title to the Prince of Wales. We travelled on horseback by preference. My Mother rode upon our little pony, & Fanny & I walked by her side or rather ran, for my Mother is so fond of riding fast that She galloped all the way. You may be sure that we were in a fine perspiration when we came to our place of resting. Fanny has taken a great many Drawings of the Country, which are very beautiful, tho' perhaps not such exact resemblances as might be wished, from their being taken as she ran along. It would astonish you to see all the Shoes we wore out in our Tour. We determined to take a good Stock with us & therefore each took a pair of our own besides those we set off in. However we were obliged to have them both capped & heelpeiced at Carmarthen, & at last when they were quite gone, Mama was so kind as to lend us a pair of blue Satin Slippers, of which we each took one and hopped home from Hereford delightfully --

I am your ever affectionate

Elizabeth Johnson.

(Thank you for visiting my tea party! –Lynnae)


  1. Wish I had been there. One of these years I will make it, so you better keep them up!

    Everything looks so great. Our Jane Austen read for book club was hosted by mom with a lovely similiar theme, it was great!

  2. Who won the book? It is so great!

  3. Love your Jane Austen tea party! Our bookclub went smashing well as I greeted guests in my Jane Austen outfit. Our swapped Valentines looked lovely hanging from the pink tulle swathed chandelier. I made a table cloth that's turned out to be a keeper and 12 napkins from 4 different fabrics that all "coordinated" with the table cloth and were trimmed with different bits and pieces of lace. ALAS!! No pictures!
    We did discuss Sense and Sensibility and someone mentioned that we should start a tradition of Jane Austen in February with a tea in my home...."and their children shall lead them." You continue to be my inspiration.

  4. "No lace - no lace, Mrs [Burton] I beg of you!"

  5. How fun! I am jealous. It looked like it was perfect.

  6. That was so fun! Thank you so much. My girls and I really enjoyed ourselves. In fact today, Josie said, "I want to go to the tea party."

    I loved the dancing. I may try and remember it and teach it to Rich, then Rich, Ash, Reese and I can dance in our living room. What song is it danced to?

    I guess my dress did get looser than I had though it the bust....I really am showing a bit too much for so early in the day!
    Thanks again. We had a blast. The love poesm book is on our mantel next to a pic of Rich and I just after we were married. It was tons 'o fun!

  7. Shannon, The song is 'Hole in the Wall' and you can see some English country dancing samples of it here: even though it has an extended closeup on one of the musicians. They do it a little different, holding hands when the ones and twos cast instead of where we did it with the first man and second lady.

    And the music can be found here (which I like even better than the recording I had)

  8. Also..That is so cute what Josie said.
    I just learned there is a Ball tonight is Seattle, it's the Pemberley Society. And found tons more dancing workshops than I ever did before. We have to go to some!!!

  9. How wonderful! The food looks delicious, the decorations are lovely, and it sounds like it was a delightful tea party! Everyone looks so pretty in their Jane Austen attire:). Thanks for sharing this special event!



  10. *long sigh* I wish I could have been there! This is the second that I have been aware of. I told my husband just now, that if we ever move out of state it should be to Washington so I can meet you in person and join in your Janeite society. If only I could find such kindred spirits in my own country. :}


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