Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Emma – Conclusion

The conclusion of Emma was Sunday night. I loved the adaptation and hope to add it to my collection. The Box Hill scenery was so lovely!


I don’t know where Box Hill is or if this could have been filmed on location. There is nothing modern to be seen in the view, but whether they filmed in in England or went up to Scotland or Ireland I don’t know. It is gorgeous though. If you know, leave a comment.


Last year over mid winter break I threw a little Jane Austen Tea Party for my family. You can see pictures here.  I am going to do it again and I’m inviting a few outside the family circle. I know not everyone will have a regency costume, but that’s fine. I’m just trying to think of those who love Austen like I do.

So this is what I’m planning. It’s actually a ‘punch and cocoa’ tea party, since I don’t drink tea or know anything about it.  We will have other little treats as well.  We will have a short theatrical presentation from Jane Austen’s work. Last year we tried a little English country dance, which we may do again, but we are severely limited by the size of my house, so I have to be flexible there.

Book of Love by Emma Woodhouse and Harriet Smith

Emma and Harriet

Were you as enchanted as I was by the way this version of ‘Emma’ depicted Emma and Harriet’s ‘love’ book, for their collection of love poems, riddles and charades?

Emma and Harriet book 1 Emma and Harriet book 2

Instantly I wanted one like it….But then I had this fun idea today for the Tea Party. I found a small book of craft paper tied with ribbon. We will use it to make a book at the party!

I will start it out with a cover page and inside, Mr. Elton's 'charade' to Emma Woodhouse and Harriet Smith.
I will then invite every visitor who wants to participate in the 'Love' book to create a little page with a love poem, or riddle, suitable for the ladies, printed or nicely written, worthy of their sweet little book.
Page size...4" wide and 5 1/2 " long, embellished with pretty little cutout things, stamps, pressed flowers, lace or ribbon.
As guests arrive they will paste it into the book. After our theatrical reading we will raffle the book off to someone who contributed.

So today’s latest idea should keep my busy for a while. I’ll let you know how it goes!



  1. Oh I forgot to watch. I have seen the other one several times but I wanted to see this. Guess I will wait for Netflix to have it. I think your party will be great. Looking forward to your planning. Blessings

  2. I took a peak at your tea party. What fun that must have been. I bet the little girls are still talking about it!

  3. I love your idea!!! I can't wait to see your finished book:). I loved this version of Emma-the scenery, costumes, and acting were wonderful!




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