Friday, January 23, 2009

Austen Inspired Dollhouse Project

Today I have a picture of the most recent work on my dollhouse. The Yellow Room is roughly modeled after Jane Austen's room at Chawton Cottage, seen here.
It's wallpaper only, no floor yet and I just set in the window so you could get the idea. The wallpaper is lovely scrapbook paper from K and Company. It looks so old, patched, marked, and worn that I fell in love with it and new it would be perfect for the house. I wanted something that looked like it could have been in the house over 30 years ago when I got it. Look how worn the edges look!

My next step is to work on the windows and order flooring. I will get that from Dollhouse Collectibles, where I got the cute sofa bench you see here. If you love miniatures you can spend hours on that site. While most furniture is very inexpensive, there are bedroom sets that cost hundreds of dollars- more than I've spent on my actual bedroom!

In other news, my DD 12 and I are in a production of The Music Man. I am one of the 'Pick-a-Little Talk-a-Little' ladies. Things are starting to feel a little busy around here, and occasionally I wonder WHY I stepped out of my comfort zone.... But I know why...I blame it all on Julia Cameron and The Artist's Way book that I told you about.

So, while most of my time is spent in cooking, laundry, working out, and housekeeping, I do get to play now and then. And it's good for my soul!


  1. I LOVE it! I love the paper you found. Totally gorgeous. That looks so fun. I don't know how you can stand do it so correctly and patiently! I would be slappin' what ever I could find on there just to get it done cuz it's so exciting.

    BTW, I was SO SO SO excited to see that they're replaying Masterpiece Theater S&S in the next week. Now I can record it and watch in whenever I want! (Hubby did not get the pleading and begging hint I gave him for Christmas.)

  2. Ahhh- Shannon, I did get S&S for Christmas. It is much more yummy than I remember it, and I did cry again.

    Lynnae- the blog is so beautiful. Everything looks great- much like that of a truly accomplished lady;-)

    The dollhouse is so to die for! This paper is amazing. The whhole blog and post is so serene....I love what you've done.

    Please call Eric and take Cassie to the scrapbook places you took me. She would LOVE it!

  3. PS- may I also recommend a few of the blogs in my Alter Me roll on the left sidebar. I have loved haaving these in my blog roll, and having more art in my online experience. Clilck on a few and see what you think.

  4. I was checking out the awesome 80's picture on Ramona's blog and I said to myself, "Hey, I remember her (you)".

    Don't know if you remember me, Dione Ray, but I believe you and Cammie were friends! You are so beautiful and have excellent taste in what appears to be EVERYTHING!

    I'm so glad to have found your site! I'll have to tell Cam!

  5. Thanks Dione! I say hi to Cami on facebook now and then. Ahh technology!

  6. What an exciting project! Now I want to make one too! I love the paper you choose, it was so clever to think of using one that looked aged like that.

    How fun that you're in The Music Man! Now I have that song stuck in my head, just from reading the title. Tee hee, oh well. (Talk a lot, pick a little more)

    This is silly, but I'm so excited, I thought I would tell you that I just got my Netflix movie this morning, "Persuasion". I'm way excited to watch it!

  7. Oh, I LOVE love the new Persuasion, but I'm a baby so I cry. RPJ is a GREAT captain Wentworth though. Enjoy the show!


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