Friday, January 9, 2009

Moving Day

This is my first post on blogspot. Those of you who know how technically inept I am can understand that right now I'm just hoping the whole thing doesn't get messed up beyond help. Here is a link to my previous posts over at livejournal:
A lot of my family and friends use blogspot and I'm hoping they can help me out when I run into problems. I have big goals for my blog this year!
If you followed my link over from livejournal then thank you, thank you, I hope it will be worth your while.
If I'm new to you then follow the link to see older posts containing: Costume and pictures from the Jane Austen Society 2007 AGM, pictures of crafts and home decorating, a flouncy home-made apron, my comments on Jane Austen and her novels, and movies inspired by her novels, along with my attempts to bring art and creativity into my home while still completing all my domestic duties. Enjoy!


  1. You're very talented!

  2. Hi! I miss you! I put your blog into my Google Reader so I won't miss your updates. :) Hope you are doing well!

    On another note, I recommend (totally off the Jane Austen theme) the book "I'm Proud of You" by a friend of Fred Rogers. It was written about 2006. It was excellent and reinforced the spirit of Mr. Rogers. So moving!

    Take care! Heather


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