Friday, January 9, 2009

My New Favorite Store

While I was down in Utah for Thanksgiving my sisters introduced my to my new favorite store, Tai Pan Trading. There's not much on the website but here it is anyway...
Forget the smiling Marie Osmond on the site with her arms full of delicate Christmas gifts...picture me in a state of shopping...euphoria/panic, clutching a shelf thats too big for the cart but I'm not setting it down for anything!
I had a great day shopping with Mom and a few of my sisters, and though I didn't stay within budget, I wasn't too bad for a first timer.
Picture me entering a huge store full of cute must-have housewares, being offered a free piece of fudge, that can hardly compete with the smell of the cinnamon rolls....
I did score some cute Christmas decorations, but the fun part is that the other things havent even been unpacked yet. I was waiting for Christmas to be over before I worked them into the decor. So I still have some of the exitement ahead of me!


  1. That is so funny we both blogged about Tai Pan! It's TaiPerfect isn't it :)
    I don't remember all the fun stuff you you'll have to have an open house for me to come see it when you've got it all up. BTW your crescent Santa was so spectacular on Christmas! That was a perfect spot for it...high enough no one would get hooked in the eye.

  2. My snowman is still up, while adding my new bird decor items was the highlight of taking Christmas down....I need cute things for my bird plates, however.

    I wanted to give you a little hint- if you want to play around with this blog go to and they have instructions for changing your background (free) (first you go white, then add them as a side bar gadget- it's easy) and you can scroll through pages and pages of designs. I am sure there is something Jane worthy on there! Good Luck!

  3. I love Tai Pan too!!! I wish they had one here. That shelf of yours is too cute. So cute that since Christmas, everytime I see cute home decor, I think about it and that darling cresent moon Santa. Awesome buys!!


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