Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Romantic Home

The Februrary issue of Romantic Homes has got me dreaming! This is one of those magazines that I need to subscribe to, I usually love it cover to cover. This month the actual front cover didn't appeal to me, but inside was treat after dreamy treat. There was a special annual section on people who live a creative, romantic life. Eighteen people were featured, mostly women, each with photos of their homes, workspace or vignettes from their stores.
Something in there inspired me to make a romantic little display for my new shelf. I wanted roses, and opted for silk so they would last. Then I really scored at the thrift store where I found a silver plated coffee pot and serving tray, each for five dollars.

Here are the results of my creative play today. Above you can see the lovely serving dishes I got at TaiPan Trading Co. (see my previous post) set up with the silver tray I found today. On the left is the shelf in my entryway, the favorite of my TaiPan finds, and the romance inspired roses in the silver pot. Now all this shelf needs is some artwork behind it to complete the picture.


  1. So beautiful! I love the shot of your serving dishes. And the napkin box is perfect!!!!!
    And lucky you on the thrift store finds. I never find anything like that. Was it a regular thrift store or an antique shop? I've been dying to get back to an antique shop and get some more hankies.

  2. Actually it was Goodwill. I think it's more chic to say thrift shop or flea market. They had a bunch of silver plated things. I brought these home and got out the silver polish but after starting on the plate I decided I liked it with the tarnish on for now.

  3. These are great pictures- those Tai Pan dishes look so great. Very Romantic Home worthy!

    I saw this months issue but didn't buy it- I may reconsider after reading this!


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