Saturday, January 17, 2009

La Apronista

I realized I still hadn't put up any pictures of the cute etsy style apron I made this fall, then one of my sisters had the idea of all of us girls making cute aprons to premier on Thanksgiving. These can be seen on her cute little Thanksgiving apron video. The night before Thanksgiving one of my sisters and I had the idea of running the Thanksgiving morning 4 mile race in our new aprons. Our other sisters weren't on board for one reason or another (competitive about their running maybe?) But here you see a sister-in-law, three of my sisters, and me, two of us ready for the race in our apron finery. (I'm the one flashing the gang signs). And, to be fair, all of my sisters were faster than me- but I did have the ruffliest apron, so there!

After Thanksgiving I set about designing aprons for my daughters and my Mother-in-law. I like to make handmade gifts. Mixing and matching the fabrics was really fun. The challenge was that school kept getting cancelled, so finally I had to have the man of the house take the kids away so I could get some sewing done. That day, plus a very late night, up until 2 am. sewing, and Viola! My Christmas masterpieces. It's fun to know they could be using these aprons years on down the road!

I think I've got the sewing out of my system for a while!


  1. I love slipping my apron on to tend to the kitchen, and Mike seems to have this sly smile every time I serve him and I have it on. It's okay, I can handle his rolling eyes. Hey- I 'm bringing him food with a smile, aren't I?

    I am sorry I didn't run in mine. I was so nervous the thought of putting that on made me want to puke.

  2. PS- is this wierd? The first half of my word verficaton was OVEN


    and you are talking about aprons.
    Okay....maybe it's just me........

  3. Your aprons turned out SO CUTE! I made aprons for my daughters' friends for christmas and still had the sewing bug. I wanted to use the scraps I had around the house and made another apron for me. My new one had ruffles but they didn't turn out as cute as yours! I need to come study your apron.
    But it's so funny...if I'm not in the mood to cook or clean, I slip on an apron and suddenly I'm smiling, singing and cleaning and cooking!

  4. Yes, I think having a cute apron is a psycological boost.


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