Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

Last night we went to my sister’s house for a New Years Party. It was the perfect chance to try out my new Pride and Prejudice game that my husband gave me for Christmas.


But first we played Rock Band, Band Hero and Lego Rock Band until it was time to welcome the new year.


Then it was time to get down to business- my Pride and Prejudice board game’s inaugural contest. Players included me, my husband, and two of my sisters.

IMG_1077Here my husband attempts to flash ‘P &P’ gang signs.

IMG_1080 As the game ends it is a race to the church.


And Jon wins, bringing in Mr. Collins and Charlotte Lucas just ahead of the crowd!


He’s overjoyed! And what a way to start 2010! Happy New Year to all my readers. Thanks for visiting a bit of my sometimes classic, sometimes kooky world.



  1. I love that your husband played! Maybe he'll watch The Notebook too.:)

  2. Didn't realize there was a game. I will have to find that for my daughter. Blessings and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. That was great fun. I love that game. The people are so cute and I was so nervous about the questions. This morning as I was cleaning up some confetti on the porch I started laughing thinking about Jon..."no lace, no lace!" That was awesome.

  4. I am SUCH a Jane Austen fan! I love your blog title. :)

    I have wanted that game for ages! It looks like so much fun. Happy new year!

  5. The game looks so fun!
    My kids, in psite of all our running around and shopping, admitted they were quite sad they weren't home to karaoke, play games, and toast the New Year with their cousins. It made me happy that they appreciate those fun nights.
    Looks like yours was great too!

  6. It sounds like your Jon is a good sport like my Secret Agent Man. He willingly sits through Bollywood movies with me. I don't think he would play a P and P board game with me, though.

  7. The game was actually pretty well done (and not just because I won). It had a good play mechanic and a good balance between luck and actual knowledge. It was way less painful than I expected it to be. (But I'm sure I would have played it at least once even if it was terrible.)

  8. Awesome. I am so glad my Birthday is in February, now I totally know what to ask for!
    Thanks :}


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