Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Halfway Through January


IMG_1060 Halfway through January and things are slow around here. Or I’m slow around things…. or something like that. Above you can see the lovely necklace that I won in the Where Women Create drawing over the holidays. It is from Beth Quinn Designs and it is Gorgeous!!! It’s not too early to start leaving those hints for Valentines Day! Here is a closer look.


In other news….. I am going to try a new foot doctor. I haven’t been jogging since September and it’s bringing me down. It seems everyone around is talking about how far they ran and the cool triathlon they’re going to do, and it just makes me feel worse. I have my Jazzercise class three times a week, which I love, though sometimes I still have to favor the sore foot a bit. I will probably join a gym so I can use the stationary bikes and other low impact things for a while on the other days.

I finally caught my husbands cold, which he said involved sore throat, sinus headache, and depression. I laughed, but he was right.

But now I’m better, so I made some muffins.


On another random note, A bunch of the ladies in my family are having a Valentine card or tag exchange. I am so excited. I will post pictures once everyone has received theirs.





  1. Her creations are soo pretty!
    Love your blog :)
    ~Angela Harris

  2. A big dipper of muffins. Mmmm!

    Has your doctor said how long it will take your foot to start feeling at least how it did before?

  3. That's so funny Hillary. I was just coming here to make the Big Dipper of muffins comment.
    (And on your second point, long story short - she's getting a different doctor.)

  4. Hillary, he said if the procedure would have worked it would have been better by now. It actually feels worse. I thought I would be 'up and running' by the end of October. So, there's my negative review of 'Dry Needling cortisone shot'. It even sounds awful. What was I thinking?????

  5. Muffins will cure anything. That is my opinion. That is a lovely necklace. Sure hope your foot gets better.

  6. Sorry about the foot and the running and the cold (that must the one I had over Thanksgiving that kept me on the couch, feeling sorry for myself, instead of sewing aprons).

    Happy about the constellation of muffins (what a great idea!) and the necklace is soooooo cute! I am glad you own something form them....
    when do I get to see your studio?

  7. The studio is still a work in progress. I want to have it really ready by summer for the 'Where Bloggers Create" blog party, but I really should put up a few pics of it so far.

  8. I love that necklace! My friend and I went to the Farm Chicks show this past summer, and she was there. I have a wonderful charm that says "breathe"- something I often tell patients. Sorry for the cold. Sorry for the foot. I've had surgery on one, need it on the other, had fasciatis in both feet at the same time, plus tendonitis. I was ready to shoot myself at the time... Baby it and let it heal!

  9. Thanks Lee. I keep telling myself it is only temporary but sometimes it seems never ending.


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