Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I do love all things Jane Austen, as you know. But for some reason I just haven't seized the opportunity to buy the new book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I don't want to let my readers down, (all six of you) so here is a review from a young friend who just finished the book.

"........Well I don't know if you personally would enjoy Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but I highly enjoyed it myself. Also I do not think that the introduction of the supernatural into the story was negative at all. I think the aspect of zombies broadens the fan base who would be attracted to read the book, it stays very close to the original story, and only a few plot points deviate from it. For example, Darcy pays for Wickham and Lydia to be married, gives them 1000 pounds per annum, and sets Wickham up to learn to be a pastor at a seminary for the lame, the only condition is that Darcy rendered him lame himself, then they blamed the injuries on a carriage accident.

The relationship of Charlotte lucas and Mr. Collins, if that is considered major, is affected by the zombie aspect, because she is bitten, and she knows she will turn into an unmentionable (the zombies are referred to as that, or 'the stricken' in most of the book) and Charlotte marries Mr. Collins in spite of her only having months left before she becomes a zombie.
Lady Catherine is known as a very rich woman, but also a great slayer of the unmentionables when she was younger, and she was trained in Japan, and The Bennets were trained in China, so when Lady Catherine asks if Elizabeth is engaged to Mr. Darcy, and she says no, then Lady Catherine asks if she will promise never to marry him, she says she would rather die than see her honor so defiled, and Lady Catherine says "then die you shall!" and they fight each other, and of course Elizabeth wins, and so Catherine says "finish me, cut off my head, you are the victor" but Elizabeth lets her go, so Darcy isn't mad, etc.
"Overall I would say the book has a serious tone, despite the zombie slaying, haha. I mean in all 317 pages of it, I can only think of a few pages where an actual joke is said, the rest is just funny when Elizabeth knows Wickham's sordid past, and vaguely hints to him about it, which is funny, at least I believe it is..."

Thank You Gary, for Keeping us Janeites informed.

I personally like the idea of the starched Lady C. being a zombie hunter, but the most plausible plot point in P&P&Z is the Charlotte Lucas angle. Come on, havent you always thought "Why on earth would Charlotte consent to spend her life with the odious Mr. Collins" ?? It turns out she's a pre zombie who just wants to make her last days comfortable. Too bad she moved so close to Lady Catherine!
And why not P&P&Z? It can't be straying any farther than all those lusty soft porn sequels
being cranked out to 'pay homage' to P&P. I think Jane would have prefered the Zombie plots. Just look at her juvenalia!

And finally, as long as were talking supernatural, I got the following facebook flair:


Have a good Day! I said GOOD DAY!


  1. I haven't even heard of this book, but it sounds funny!

  2. I've been considering this book, but I've been a little leary of it. It looks funny though.

    I totally need that facebook flair. LOL!

  3. That's an awesome flair. If only I didn't have so many books to read this summer already.

  4. It really is good, don't be leary people, it is amazing as far as a book of fiction is, and I am sure it stays pretty close to the original P&P plot

  5. That is totally hilarious!!!!
    I never heard of it by it sounds funny enough to tempt me.

  6. I appreciate your support. Thanks so very much. Anonymous always comes out in full force whenever I voice my thoughts. Why do they have to hide if they feel so great about their thoughts?

    Thanks so much and I love you blog :)

  7. Hi I saw your comment on Jan's post yesterday and thought it was excellent!

    I do have to say I have just looked through your blog and love it.
    As far as this post goes I Love Pride and Prejudice but am also a Twilight fan so your button cracked me up :D

    Not sure if you are kidding or not about P&P with zombies will have to check that out.
    Hope you don't mind if I visit sometimes.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I'm planning to get a copy of P&P&Z and LOVE that flair.


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