Friday, March 27, 2009

Behold Me Immortal.....

Almost 22 years ago I married my sweetie, and we hopped on an Amtrack train to San Fransisco on our way to his Air Force base in Japan. During our stay we walked and took the trolley around town. At one stop near the corner of California and Powell there was some wet cement, so we wrote our names in it. Something I had never done before or since.

Jon & Lynnae

Fast forward to this week. Hubby is at the Game Developers Conference and things are a little slow, so what does he do? Answer-walk up to the California and Powell to see if our names are still there. And they were. He called right away and I was so excited. I don't know what was sweeter, that they were still there, or that he climbed up that steep street just to check. I love him!
Here's the pavement, a little worse for wear.

Here we are at the carousel on the pier in 1987.....

And these are from our 20th Anniversary at Disneyland.....
It's strange how a silly thing like a piece of sidewalk can make me think about all we've been through in the past 21 years.
I am so thankful for my husband, and that he has been with me through it all.
(I Love You!)


  1. Oh Lynnae, Lynnae, Lynnae, I bet *now* you wish you'd written it deeper on that cement!
    Sometimes it's good to be bad! ;-)

  2. I LOVE this story! It is so cute. Plus, I love you you guys look like you're about 12 years old in you carousel pic. So great :)

  3. I love this story! And yea, it looks like Jon was more serious about the name depth than you were....dang. It was probably scary defiling that sidewalk, but so cool now!

    I love that Jon checked it for you. Hope you gave him an extra foot rub with his favorite dinner when he got home!


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