Monday, March 30, 2009

Magazine Chat

I have been anxiously scouring the magazine stands these days, since a couple of my favorite magazines have dissapeared. I was sad about the demise of Home Companion, and its sweet cottage style decor and showcase of artist's homes and workspaces. It was soothing to see Somerset's "Where Women Create" which could patially fill the void. But I've been watching for two that I don't subscribe to, but buy often when I need a pick me up, or want a 'non-food' reward, so, yeah, every month. I have recently become a fan of "La Vie Claire" Which specializes in Women artists and their homes, trips, studios, inspirations. All in all it inspires me.

I love "Romantic Homes" magazine. It is always beautiful, and little inspirations from the decorating are always sneaking into my house. The pictures are luscious. I read and re-read. So I began getting nervous about not seeing it on the newsstand. Then a couple days ago it was there. And not only was it there, but with the most beautiful cover. The color and depth of the room pictured on the front was just gorgeous. I love teal, especially a dark smoky teal like this paired with the red.. Ooohh. Heres a scan for you.....

Here's wishing you a sunny corner or at least a cozy bubble bath moment to enjoy your favorite magazine.


  1. These sound like lovely magazines!

  2. I am so sad that Country Home has also sent it's last issue to my mailbox. I no longer feel guilty for the stacks that fill my bookshelves that I couldn't bear to throw away. I will start opening anold one each month to re-read the things I saved from years ago.

    Somerset Studio also has a new one, Somerset Life, and it is so great and inspiring, but pricey (hint- you can buy it at JoAnns with the 40% off coupon to soften the blow). I may have to go snag that Romantic Homes. It looks so great!

  3. In the end I thought the La Clair Vie was a little dissapointing this month, for a couple of reasons. One is that The first large article was about Clair's new furniture line, so, not that fun. That's why I want to cancel this Martha Stewart Living that I didn't want in the first place.
    Second, because of spring it was really focusing on gardens, which is not as interesting to me, but to others I'm sure it's great.
    The Romantic Homes is a Fave!!!


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