Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Project- Box of Drawers

Drawer project 2One day my husband brought home a little box of drawers someone was getting rid of. It’s about 6 inches tall and 2 feet long. He knows I like to paint and play around with things like this.

IMG_0924I was planning on painting it black and just needed the right embellishments. I bough some cute Tim Holtz idea-ology products- some number ‘plaquettes’, and these darling little metal legs called ‘foundations’ that I have been dying to use on something! I nailed on the legs. The numbers come with brads but since they were going onto wood I nailed them also.






Then I sanded the edges to give it a little wear. As I was pondering wear to put this I thought of a cute little iron ‘garden house’ that I bought a week ago. Thinking they would look great together I added a number to that and set it on top of the drawers.

drawer project




  1. I have a project that could take you a few could paint a picture for us!

  2. Message me on fb about what you want. It sounds fun.

  3. Such a lovely blog! You have really inspired me with your lovely posts.

    I have some blog candy you just might be interested in, and I'd love to have you visit my little piece of blogland.

    Karen L


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