Thursday, June 7, 2012

Painting Play Date

Why do we wait so long to get out the paints when we love it so much?

That’s what I’ve been asking myself.

A friend and I have been planning to have a painting day for a long time, but so many things kept getting in the way. Finally we settled on last Thursday (we had to do it before school let out). IMG_0951

Our plan was for some plein air painting, but living near Seattle we had to have a back up- I ended up putting together a still life in my breakfast nook. IMG_0953

Even though I’ve painted with oils before I’ve never taken a class, so she had some tips and tricks to show me as far as setting up and maintaining my supplies.

IMG_0955The hours FLEW by. We had to stop for a yogurt break at some point, and then it seemed only minutes before the bus was dropping off kids and it was time to get back to the mommy world. But boy did we have fun.

IMG_0957And you know what? I’m thinking of clearing out the breakfast nook and just setting up an art room there for the summer.


PS- Speaking of Art Room, I have a link on my sidebar to the 2012 Where Bloggers Create blog party. Join in! It’s so much fun!!!

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