Friday, February 24, 2012

Gray days.

I’ve been painting with primer over a magenta colored accent wall in my house, getting ready to spruce up  my family room. It’s a slow process, and with three coats of primer up (and a bunch down my dog’s left side-whoops!) I think it’s about ready for the white paint. It’s amazing how much this lightened up the kitchen, just painting a five foot length of wall.

Here in Washington it’s been mid-winter break, and boy did I need it. Three days this week I slept in until almost nine, and it felt good. Back to the early-bird routine next week.

I just want the sun to come up a little sooner. Could the earth tilt just a little bit more, is that too much to ask? These dark, drizzly days are really wearing me out.

On the Jane Austen front, I’m still getting ready for my annual party, and hoping I can get a dress completed by then for my daughter. She wants something red and silky. Excellent taste!



  1. Poor Missy. Maybe she was just trying to help out.

    And I can't wait to see pics of Jordan's dress!

  2. I'm so bad at keeping up on the blogs I read, but I just was struck again by how pretty your corner of the 'net is. It is restful for the eye and delightful for the spirit. Thank you for putting beautiful things out there for us to enjoy.


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