Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jealous of Colin Firth

One day on facebook my friend said she’d had a rough day and just wanted to settle down with some chocolate and Colin Firth. From there we started wishing you could buy a box of chocolate Darcys- something I think would be a big hit.

Then my husband disappeared into the den for a while and after a bit showed my this picture he’d made…….Colin Firth photoshop by Jon I think somebody is feeling a little jealous!

Don’t worry dear. I love you and all your awesomeness and NOT Colin Firth. Now if there was a real Mr. Darcy, then you might have a problem.

Or if there was a real box of chocolate Darcys.


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  1. That photo is hilarious!!!! I just saw your New Orleans pix. I hope to go there one day soon!

    Sandy xox


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