Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Area Rug

Today I picked up a new area rug that I ordered for my living room. I am so excited and I love how it looks.

cropped and sized I didn’t put down a carpet pad because we have wall to wall carpet there. But I really felt an area rug would pull the space together more and when I saw this one I was in love…and at a good price at

I love my modern, bright red sofa. I also love my old, traditional piano. One great thing about the area rug is that the style goes well with both and unifies the room.

I am still on the look out for a coffee table (despite my husband’s protests) that I can fix up with a little paint, but I want to keep it under $30. And truth be told I’ve let one or two good ones slip by after talking myself out of it and then later I regret not buying them.

I also have Magnificent slipper chairs waiting to be redone….I know I capitalized that. But they are awesome and just need some love. Only now…..well, it’s beginning to occur to me that there are no arms on the slipper chairs or the sofa, so maybe a club type chair would be better for the room. The slipper chairs will find a home somewhere….and the husband would prefer to get them out of the garage.

Well, there is little more boring than reading about decorating without any more pictures, so I’ll quit. I mostly just wanted to show the new rug. Yay!

3 more days until Where Bloggers Create, and my room still looks like a tornado hit. Agh!



  1. I am in love with that rug! It does really pull the whole room together.

  2. I really love the rug. It's very cool.

  3. That looks so GREAT!!!
    I can't wait to see it in person. It is such a beautiful rug.

  4. Nice rug - something usually said to middle aged men wearing toupees - but those chairs...that's a different story all together.
    Of course, now that we have a king sized bed, you could put them on your side of the mattress and I'd never even know.


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