Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dear Lynnae 10 years ago…….

A friend put up a nice little comment on facebook today that really got me thinking. It was this….

“If you could go back ten years ago and tell yourself some things, what would you say?”

Dear Me…….. The day is coming up with the truck on the freeway and the skidding and the guardrail…..And even though you’ll walk away and be very thankful, still be able to function and look normal to everyone, and despite several rounds of physical therapy, your neck will basically be painfully nagging you for the rest of your life. Please take the back road that day.

And Dear Me……check into some custom shoe  inserts now before those foot problems set in. Once the kids are in school you will have more time to exercise, and guess what? You ARE going to lose weight and be active despite your setbacks, but it takes a toll on your feet, so let’s try to avoid the shots, braces, casts, and pain, OK?

Love every moment with Jon and especially the girls, they grow up so fast. But you already know that. There will be challenges, but trust me, come 2010 you wouldn’t go back for the world.

Just thinking about what it would be like to not have a sore neck and not have a sore foot brought me to tears. Think of what I could have done then……….


But on the other hand, I’ve been led on a path, and learned so much about myself, maybe my successes were because of those challenges, not in spite of them. And ten years ago if you would have told my I would lose that weight- I would have been jumping for joy.

I think I’ll jump for joy today!


OK, so what would YOU tell yourself if you could go back ten years? You sat through my rant, now lets hear yours.


  1. ...and I say Kudos to you Lynnae for getting through and becoming who you are today.
    So nice to meet you. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. My first blog visit after digging out and replugging my computer! You have come so far in the last decade and remain an inspiration.


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