Friday, January 25, 2008

Hat's Off to Bonnets

The other day I was searching the internet for costume regency bonnets. I was surprised at the lack of simple straw bonnets and then I finally found some in straw and felt, but they were pretty pricey. Then I looked at a few sites where people had altered regular straw craft bonnets, or made bonnets, so I was thinking along those lines by the time I watched Northanger Abbey on Sunday. Once Catharine was in Bath I couldn’t stop noticing all the lovely bonnets.
Well, I did manage to refocus my attention on the show, but at night I dreamed I was going store to store looking for the perfect bonnet. After a long and fruitless search I decided to find a hat that I could alter. I ended up in some weird kind of Goodwill store (or, maybe that was just the regular Goodwill store). I found straw hats and began to examine them and think of the possibilities, when suddenly I spied a fabulous bonnet! But someone was wearing it. Before I knew it I was caught up in some sort of second hand fashion parade in the store, but I could not make my way through the crowds over to that lovely bonnet. (But what does it signify, for I shall have no place to wear it!)
The night before last I was with my husband and I stumbled over my words when I was saying something about ‘tomorrow’. He gave me a strange look and said “Did you just say ‘on the morrow’?
Umm, yeah. Maybe the Jane Austen season is getting to my head.

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