Monday, February 11, 2008

Miss Austen Regrets

I just finished watching “Miss Austen Regrets”, staring Olivia Williams as Jane Austen. This touching portrayal was well written and wonderfully acted. My instinct is that this was so much like her. I don’t know if someone can read enough biographies to give them the right to say that, but so many times I found myself nodding and thinking, that is so right…….
Fanny knight was wonderful and sweet, and yet I believe you could see the seeds there of a woman who may grow to look back on her aunt with such a critical and conceited eye, making disparaging remarks about her clothes and her manners.

I am glad I watched it alone today. I cried through the last half hour, and if my girls want to watch it I will have to leave the room until I’ve become more accustom to watching the show.
How might I think Jane Austen was different than the portrayal in the show? I think the humor, with the bitter edge, was probably there, though family remembrances seem to indicate more of an effort on Jane’s part to give comfort to those around her, and not be quite so open. Is there such a thing as good natured bitterness?
Anything I say at this point though might lead to the idea that I didn’t like the portrayal in the show. I loved it. I found it sweet and heartbreaking, and probably very close to reality.

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