Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jane Eyre

Sometimes My hubby and I have conversations via our extended family website. This is what he wrote on the thread about the Jane Eyre program………

The thing I thought was funny about Rochester was that he talked as if he was horribly disfigured and I had to strain to see that - ah yes, there was a little scaring on his left side. Sort of like how the Phantom of the Opera was supposed to be hideous, but was way better looking than me on my best day ever. It seemed a good match though. The girl was still ugly but now he was blind and they were both rich. And he was rid of the crazy first wife who tried to kill everyone.I suppose if the girl were rich enough to get plastic surgery and then she went back and found he was blind it would be an O Henry rather than a Bronte. So a happy ending all around. (I only saw part of the second half too. And it is entirely possible I am taking too superficial a view of the story.)
This was my reply…….

That is so mean. Can't there be a story about a plain looking person? Rude. That's it. I take it back about the hot dogs. We're totally having fish sticks now!

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