Friday, August 24, 2007

Jane Austen Society

Looks like I’m up and running!

I am so excited for the JASNA (Jane Austen Society of North America) general meeting, and want to share my plans along with pictures and comments during the weekend of the meeting. I am a first timer, so everything AGM related is new to me. I am a lifetime member of JASNA, thanks to my sweetie’s thoughtful Christmas gift a couple years ago.
I want to make a dress for the AGM. I’d love to have two, but there’s little more than a month to sew, and my skills leave a lot to be desired. I won’t even be able to start until the kids get in school next week. I was hoping to have a pattern picked out by now. One of my friends told me she has regency costume patterns, so I may run over and see what she’s got on Wednesday, before I go to the fabric store. As far as the color goes, I have gone back and forth between red, or white with a sweet little pattern. Now, since it’s mainly for the evening I’m leaning toward the white. I would like to model it after the dress pictured on the cover of “Jane Austen’s Town and Country Style”, which is light with a small dotted pattern, and has rows of lace around the bottom. I want a high empire waist, but not too much gathering. I don’t want to look puffy around the middle, so I may trade historical accuracy for a more flattering fit.
When I registered for the AGM one of my hopes was to get into the Country Dance workshops, but they were full. That was a minor disappointment. Since then additional workshops have been added on Wednesday night of the AGM, but I will not be arriving until Thursday, so it doesn’t help me any. Maybe I can find a video on the internet. Or maybe I should watch the ballroom scenes from P&P over and over again until I have them down….Either way I am going to have a good time and try dancing a little.
I only live a few hours away from Vancouver, so I’ll be driving. I opted for roommate matching when I registered, so that is another fun part of the adventure. My roommate has reserved the room at the Fairfield and I can’t wait to see it, and meet her.
I am reading Emma again so it will be fresh in my mind. I may go into this more in a later entry, but I’m frustrated that Mr. Knightly isn’t kinder. This time through I’m really struck by the sense of ‘entitlement’ that he has towards her. No wonder Emma can’t think of him in a romantic way. He’s been nothing but her critic from the time she was small. Who wants that?

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