Thursday, August 30, 2007

I finished Emma today. Much like Frank Churchill's letter convinces everyone to be happy and like him again, the cheerful final chapters put me in a good mood with this book, and I think it's not so bad after all. Since I finished this morning I've been doing chores and laundry and catching up with everything that falls behind when I have a book I'm reading. I also stopped in the middle of 'Basic Economics' by Thomas Sowell. It's an interesting book, and dovetails nice with Emma.
I read in the Jasna News about an upcoming film entitled Sense and Sensibilidad'. Now that sounds fun. I'm glad Jane Austen never grows old, because there is always another rendition or interpretation around the corner. I was suprised to hear that a friend had never seen 'Bride and Prejudice'. I said "You HAVE to see it!" and she said maybe she'd buy it. To which I said, "Maybe you should just rent it."

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