Sunday, August 7, 2011


I know everything has been about the wedding or New Orleans lately, but I almost forgot to mention Snowballs.snowball in pail

I grew up in Utah where there was a lot of sno-cones or shave-ice available, but a snowball is something special. Our hosts took us to Williams Plum Street snowball, because it’s the best. They make your snowball in a Chinese take-out pail, wrap it in a plastic bag, and put tons of syrup on it.plum_st_sno_balls

And the syrup is different. It’s so good. It doesn’t make your throat scratchy the way normal sno-cone syrup does. And the flavors……..YUM! I had praline flavor and it was so good. You can also get praline and cream, which has sweetened condensed milk over the the top.

IMG_0363cropped edit

Next time I get to New Orleans I’m starting with beignets and then heading for a snowball, and throwing in a po-boy for dinner.



  1. Sounds wonderfully refreshing in this heat! Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is lovely!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm brand new to blog land. My daughter and I just had snow cones the other day. They were yummy:):) and I have to say I LOVE Jane Austen, she is just the best. I have the new version of pride and prejudice with Keira knightly in my sewing room. I love to create with it going on.:):) have a super day!! Sandie


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