Saturday, August 6, 2011

July in New Orleans

NOvisit rainy daylight edit

While we were in New Orleans for a second wedding reception for Nicholas and my daughter Hillary we went out and about to show my husband some of the town like I had seen in June, except there was one big difference….The Rain!

Brightness editIt wasn’t pouring on the night of their reception, which was the most important thing. But the rain on the other days did make it tough to see the town. Our host’s Nick’s family brought a big umbrella, though no one bothered to use it except me. I still ended up pretty soaked because water was everywhere, but it did enable me to take some pictures without ruining my camera.IMG_0310 art edit

After a very rainy so-far summer in Seattle we were looking forward to sweltering in a Louisiana steam bath for a while. But it rained, we toured, and made the most of it. And I still loved it! I want to go back.IMG_0302cropped

We went to the wax museum, where my husband was determined to get a picture that looked like he was patting a bathing Napoleon Bonaparte  on the head as he negotiated the Louisiana Purchase (not pictured).IMG_0303

We had a fun time being shown around by Nicholas’ family while the newlyweds were having time to themselves.


My husband and I and our two younger daughters at Jackson Square in the rain.


Then we decided to dodge the rain and drop into house of blues for lunch. The restaurant was SO cold, and we were soaked, so we decided to eat out on the covered patio. I loved the funky decorating, and the patio was the cutest part. Bring on my Po-Boy!








After the day on the town it was time to head back to our host’s house for family, swimming, and, yes, more food!

Thanks for reading my post.

And, OK, OK, I know you really wanted to see this………



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