Friday, April 8, 2011

Engagement Pictures


My daughter got her engagement photos done!


I am so excited. They turned out adorable.

I will share a few with you.    




The photos were taken by my talented niece, Michelle Sutterfield.

My husband read that a couple should have pictures taken at a place of significance. They took pictures at some wonderful places, although we commented that their ‘place of significance’ should be the doors to the Emergency Room there at the hospital in Provo, since they have been there a lot due to illness and/or injury. But I’m sure these turned out much prettier.

Getting ready for a wedding is overwhelming sometimes, but seeing these darling kids and their happiness captured forever is definitely one of the payoffs.



  1. they are all great! I have loved looking at all the pictures- and I can't believe how quick it is coming along!

  2. Mich did a fabulous job! Are they going with the bright up-beat pics or the sweet, traditionally romantic one....or is it one that you didn't post, perhaps? Saving it for the actual invitations?

  3. Gorgeous! If you or your daughter would be interested in any of the wedding corsages/brooche I made, please let me know. I'd love to send a little present!!

  4. Your daughter is beautiful, and she has such a strong sense of style. I hope you show us her wedding dress.

  5. Congrats :) Yay! The pictures are adorable and the couple is even cuter.. So happy for your growing family.


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