Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Window Project


This is a project I made yesterday to fill an awkward little area in the powder room. A friend gave me the salvaged window a while back.

The art that used to be here had been there forever, so I decided to repurpose the frame somewhere else in the house (as in- I stole it for my studio).

IMG_2588 When my family noticed it was gone my husband ripped a page out of the Pottery Barn catalog to fill the void.

That prompted me to get in gear and finish the window project.

The knobs across the bottom are from Anthropologie. The majority of labels and pictures are free graphics from The Graphics Fairy, and the  photos I’ve acquired from junk sales and antique stores. I can add more to it over time. The cottage feel goes well with the pictures on the opposite wall.




  1. Thanks for working in my decor ripped from the pages (literally) of the Pottery Barn catalog.
    The sad part is that pretty much no one noticed it for several days after I put it there. :-)
    I always thought a window would really open up that room.

  2. Well, a real window would just open it up to the entryway. :o

  3. "Well, a real window would just open it up to the entryway. :o"

    That would be a fine how-do-you-do!

  4. Oh this looks so great! I need to get going on a few projects and get my mind working again! The crazy thing is I have a bunch of windows just waiting to be put to use! Did you nail the twine across the back?

  5. No, just into the side with little finishing nails.

  6. That is a cute trick from your husband!! I like your redo.

    Thanks for joining the swap!

  7. Love your window, I'm working on one myself.

  8. So nice to see you back for Brag Monday Lynnae! This is really beautiful! I love how you draped the images as a garland across the window, a little different than the traditional pictures attached to each pane. Very nice!!


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