Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dorothy Tag Swap

I am at a hotel in a college town 800 miles from my home. Tomorrow morning I say goodbye to my second baby and we will just start driving. After all we’ve been through this year it’s hard to believe I will hug her in a parking lot and voluntarily just drive away. It’s so much harder now that I know what it will be like, how contracted our family circle will seem when we get home, how much quieter our afternoons and evenings will be.

This means I did a good job. This means we have successfully raised a capable child (and believe me this one is more than capable). This means a lot of GOOD things. It just doesn’t feel good.


Last year when I was feeling down about being in my boot cast and grounded from running and my aerobics class I joined a fat-book swap. It was a lot of fun and gave me a project to perk me up a little. So when I ran across Karla Nathan’s Dorothy Tag Swap I thought it would be just the thing to help pass the next month.

Dorothy tag swap

It’s only six tags, and with a Wizard of Oz theme the possibilities are endless! As far as I know the swap is still open. Click on the button in my sidebar if you are interested.

Well, wish me luck tomorrow.



  1. You've been, and will always be, an incredible mom to your amazing daughters. The pit of my stomach hurts just thinking about the college goodbye with Kelly--and we're still six years away!


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