Friday, May 21, 2010

Senior Prom


I had to adjust the length on my daughter Arianne’s prom dress. It was a bubble type skirt, which added some complications, but at the same time the finished seam would not be showing, so that was great!



I spent an hour curling her hair, and she put on the jewelry we had picked out together.


Then she indulged me with a photo session until her date arrived…..…….

  IMG_1933 And then we had another round of photos.

Before long they set off to their Senior Prom at the Space Needle.

Arianne promThis was taken in the park after dinner. While she was there a little girl thought she was a princess and wanted a picture with her.

Arianne Prom 2

This was a picture Arianne took at the top of the Space Needle.

Throughout this whole experience I was very thankful to the Lord that she was healed of her illness from March, which turned out to be viral meningitis. I’m so thankful that she is healthy and able to enjoy prom and graduation. I’ve been having a pretty sentimental day today.

This morning I dreamt I opened a door and saw my little girls bedroom just as they would have left it any morning 16 years ago when my older girls were two and four. Seeing the sheets and dolls and jammies was so realistic that I woke up and cried a little. It was only yesterday they were that small. Some days I just wish I could bring it back.

Arianne in mirror



-LynnaeArianne prom 3


  1. She really did look so stunning. I thought she looked like a princess too.

  2. She's gorgeous! I hope she had an amazing time. I am glad she's back to good health too. hugs- Lee


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