Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dinner Bell, Dinner Bell Ring!

This post started as a comment to my sister’s blog, Better Than We Deserve, but not wanting to take up a ton of space I turned my reply into a post of my own.

I believe it is my nurturing duty as a mom to make dinner for my family. But I don’t really LOVE cooking. I don’t see recipes and get excited (unless they include massive amounts of chocolate).

IMG_1850  A few years ago at a church activity we made these nifty dinner calendars. you just think of 50 meals you regularly prepare (four of mine said EAT OUT). We printed them in squares and laminated it.  Then you could plan out your whole month, and the extra squares stuck on the back with velcro.IMG_1851

The scripture above the calendar squares says “Love bears, believes, hopes and endures all things…….

Getting sick of that idea and having more recipes I thought I’d add into the circulation, a year and a half ago I planned out a years worth of meals from all the cookbooks I wanted to try and all the regular favorites. So I go to that every week, sometimes shuffling things around or changing things for convenience. I'm still pretty flexible but I like not having to think about it much.



   Jon likes to cook but he is conveniently not home at that time.....LOL-he's still at work until 6:30 or 7, selfish man.....
But maybe when he's retired I'll make him do it. I would rather be on clean up.
  Everyone on shows who enjoy cooking also drink wine, so maybe that's my problem- I don’t drink. Sometimes I will try to 'make it fun' by having a diet coke, which isn't really that fun. On Cinco de Mayo I tried to make it fun by eating chips and salsa while cooking the food. Then I was stuffed by dinner. But it was fun.

Who does the meal planning and prep in your house? Do you love it or hate it? Do you have a method to your madness?


  1. Oh man that post just struck me as hilarious for some reason. The sad scripture on top of the dinner calendar really sets it off nicely. And then the finish about the Cinco de Mayo chips...

  2. It's sad because you have to live it every day!

  3. That is a pretty good idea. I have a menu calender on my computer that I was using to plan meals, but I've gotten really lazy about that, I guess it's easy to forget when it's just a file on the desktop. I wonder if I would do any better with a more tangible menu like this one.

  4. Well, I have to agree. Diet Coke isn't exactly that exciting. I don't feel very 'fun' when I am cooking...
    another down side, we have been sitting at the table with big yummy meals- and it shows in the scale. I am going to have to downsize to the 'bread' plate if I keep up all this cooking!

    But it has been cool trying new recipes and adding them to the mix. I think I like that better than relying on an old 'tried and true'.

    I like your calender! It looks easy when you show it like that.

  5. What a great idea! I hate planning dinner, so this is right up my alley. Of course, while I'm working, I have happily let the spousal unit take over that joyful responsibility! (o:


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