Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Silky Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking Slip 7 pic

This isn’t a tutorial per se, its more of an idea based on a loose theme of a vague concept….

I had the idea to use a vintage slip to make decorative stockings.

Christmas Stocking Slip 1 Christmas Stocking Slip 2

I traced a leg shape onto the folded slip. I cut four to make two stockings.

Christmas Stocking Slip 3

I wanted to fold the lace over, so I sewed them wrong sides together, except for the top near the lace, which is right sides together. This should start at least an inch below the lace, since it will be covered when the lace is folded over.

Christmas Stocking Slip 5 pic Then I used the bodice of the slip to decorate the toe area. I liked the way the ribbon was hooked inside so on this one I used the wrong side of the slip, and left the ribbon. I liked it so much that when I used extra ribbon for a hook I left the adjustable part of the strap intact. This all depends on how much you want it to look like a slip. I thought it was very dainty, though in this house it won’t be out in the living room, I assure you.

Christmas Stocking Slip 4 pic

I still feel like they need some more embellishment, either with extra lace from the slip, or other things I have around. Some millinery flowers or pearl buttons would be lovely. About now my family thinks I’m a little crazy, but it was such a fun idea I just had to give it a try!

Christmas Stocking Slip 6 pic

What do you think?




  1. I think they are very pretty, and they seem to say.."Please place only the finest of gifts inside me"
    that is a good message

  2. Oh man. You are losin' it! I need to get home.

  3. What do I think? I'm thinking girlie, pretty, elegant, soft, sweet, romantic, gotta-try-and-make-one someday!!! Love it!!!!
    everything vintage


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