Monday, December 14, 2009

Grandma’s Memory Book

 Grandma's memory book 1 I wanted to put up some pictures of my finished Memory Book that I made for my Grandma (I’ve blurred out her full name for privacy reasons). I’m really happy about how it turned out and I think its one of the best gifts I’ve ever given. I gave it to her when I was in Utah in September (I couldn’t wait till December), and I hear that she loves to show it to her visitors. That is exactly what I wanted, an easy way she could show pictures to friends and little great grandchildren without having do dig out boxes or precious originals.

Linnea's Book Last summer we visited Grandma and scanned over 100 pictures. Not only do we now have a digital copy to preserve, but I was able to print some off on photo paper and make an album. I wanted it to be an old style paper album so I used a black sketchbook with a metal ring binding. I didn’t want any plastic over the pictures, and they were copies, so I thought that would be OK. I am so glad I did it that way too, because as soon as she opened it up she touched the pictures with her hands and just said “Oh!”

I used a few Graphic pieces from The Graphics Fairy’s excellent collection, to balance out the pages. I also left a few empty spots for new pictures we may want to add. There’s a lot of photographs we didn’t get to at her house.

Grandma's book blurred 2 photo Grandma's book blurred 1 photo

IMG_0927 Grandma's book blurred 4 photo

I try to call my Grandma once a week, to ask her about the past and record the conversation onto the computer. If you’d like to read more of what I’ve written about this project, choose ‘Linnea’ from the labels on my sidebar.

Grandma's book blurred 3 photo

Grandma's memory book 1



  1. Oh Lynnae,
    It's wonderful!!! What a fantastic gift for your sweet Grandma! It's so beautifully done too, absolutely a work of art. Bravo! Thanks so much for linking up this beautiful creation for "Brag Monday".

  2. I did 10 journals for my grandkids. The front and back covers have this related to them and there are blank pages in for them to put things on. I worked so hard to get ribbon in them and all the things I wanted. That is a beautiful gift for your grandmother. I hope my grands like their's. I have some of the posted for today's Creative Tuesday.

  3. What a gorgeous keepsake for your grandma! And what a perfect gift - she's going to love it.

  4. I love the way you show how you createt this absolutly great and lovly Album.
    It´s such a kind of lovefull and thoughtfull pages in there...really a great gift for your Grandma !!!!
    Happy Hollidays

  5. This is absolutely beautiful and from the heart, a work of love. I know this will be her best gift this Christmas...I don't know anything that could possibly be more meaningful! Great job. MERRY CHRISTmas to you and your family!


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