Monday, March 10, 2008

Staring at the Pond

Today I am taking my daughter to the mall to go purse shopping for her 16th Birthday. Unless she’d rather go with her sister. I’m making a cake for a little celebration and she’ll have a bigger party later in the month. I’ve been too busy to sketch but I did add a little more art to the board. (Huh, a board for the bored…) If you saw that sweet new picture of Helen Keller as a girl, with Anne Sullivan, then you can imagine why I had to print that out and add it.
Saturday we went out with another couple for appetizers and desserts. I was surprised when the desserts came and the waiter slid over a dish of hot fudge with a straw in it….Hahahah, my hubby ordered it while I was away from the table because we had decided to split a piece of cheesecake but he knows I love the hot fudge. AAAhhhhh, I was positively giddy. Forget ‘chocoholics’…. I am a full fledged theobromine addict.
I do have a little Jane related story for you- I had a fun conversation with a new friend I thought I’d tell you about.
She was in England with a small group that was touring the lovely country home that we all know as Pemberly from the A&E BBC production. At one point she strolled over to the large window where she could look out across the landscape and at the pond below. Two other ladies joined her and they all stood quietly gazing out the window. Finally one of the gentlemen came over and said “Ladies, no matter how long you stare at that water HE’s not going to be coming up out of it.”

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