Saturday, March 22, 2008

'Ello 'Enry

My good friend has a daughter who is on a semester abroad in England right now. LUCKY! Sorry for the interjection. Anyway, I’ve heard about her trip to the british library and Bath, and now I was shown tons of lovely photos from the gardens used in the recent ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Picture columned temples rising up out of the misty green garden. I think the pictures looked even more lovely than the scene in the movie, where it was overshadowed by the rain and the ‘Speed racer’ of a proposal scene. (I know, I know, we all don’t have five hours to spend).
They were lovely pictures.
On another topic, I had never seen the movie ‘Face Off’ and we had PVR’d it the other day so on Wednesday night we finally got a chance to watch it. It was a good, (and to me a little creepy) show, but I was puzzled by the role of Castor Troy’s weird brother. There was something oddly sweet and familiar about him…. Do you ever watch a show and your mind is racing saying ‘who IS that???’ About 45 minutes in I realized it was Henry Crawford!!! (aka Alessandro Nivola, the actor who played Henry Crawford in the Miramax version of Mansfield Park.) After that it’s all I see throughout the show.
If someone is in a Jane Austen show then they are like old family friends to me, and their identity is fixed. Well, the one exception would be Colonel Brandon, who despite playing in Austen, and being Snape, among many other roles, will somehow always be Hans Gruber to me.
Cue: Ode to Joy!
Happy Easter all, and enjoy the onset of spring!

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