Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Spoiled Janeite

Wait until you see what Santa brought this Janeite!

My Santa of choice is currently deployed with the Army in North Africa, but he has been spoiling me big time. Look what he gave me for Christmas.sense and sensibility autographed copy 1A production script from Sense and Sensibility 1995 signed by Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, Robert Hardy, Alan Rickman, James Fleet and Tom Wilkinson. Can you believe that?500full It comes with a certificate of authenticity too. I admit I did run my hand across the signatures a few times. Time to watch this show again!

sense and sensibility autographed copy 2

I was blessed with many gifts that I am thankful for, not all of them Austen related, but here is another one that is.

cozy Jane AustenMy daughter and her husband gave me this adorable board book Pride and Prejudice by Cozy Classics. I haven’t even seen this one advertised yet. I love dolls, and have been caught out in the neighborhood doing a Barbie photo shoot or two, so I loved seeing the earnest look of emotion on the faces of the soft felt characters. Can Pride and Prejudice be told in 15 words or less? I say, YES!



  1. so absolutely amazing for you to receive that autographed production script from S&S

    thanks for sharing

  2. Amazing gift! And please make dolls....i love that idea!


  3. Fabulous Austen haul! I've always loved your blog....I often used it to get to my own which for some reason I had trouble accessing. I know that's no excuse for not posting for a year and a half, but after talking to you, I just HAD to do it. And I did. Nothing you don't already know about, but I finally did bring it back to life. I hope you take a look.


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