Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrift Shop China

IMG_0964Over the past few years I’ve collected china teacups and saucers for my friends to use at my annual Jane Austen party. I’m getting a nice little collection.

IMG_0965For quite some time I’ve considered collecting more china pieces to use for little get-togethers. The big hold up was that I wanted pieces with red. Well, it seems that the only china to be found with red in the design is Christmas china. Either that or people love it so much they don’t give it to thrift stores.

IMG_0959I don’t have a new china set of my own, a situation I hope to remedy in the future, but in the meantime I finally decided to give up on china with red in it, and just collect a few larger plates to mix and match.

IMG_0961Now every time I go in the thrift store I look to see if there’s a plate or two that strikes my fancy.

IMG_0962I love mixing and matching and stacking the plates. The plates can look so different when paired with another style that you notice new things in the design with every stack.



  1. I love that dark one. Thrift stores in Provo never have anything like those pieces. I should look around here for some.

  2. Those are really nice. I didn't realize your collection had grown so much. It looks really good. Great pictures.

  3. Hillary, the dark one has a fluer de lis, perfect for New Orleans. I'll bet you could find good stuff to mix and match there. Especially because with the more formal style I'd think mixed pieces weren't in demand as much.


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