Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lovely Finds


I was at the local Ben Franklin store to get a few items for my daughters costume for the school play and ran across these lovely, old carved wood print blocks. They were in a bin in the back, dirty and well used and absolutely beautiful. I had to get a couple to display around the house.

They had a lot of other great things there too. I feel lucky to live close to a Ben Franklin store, and just need to get there more often!


Aren’t they gorgeous?



  1. They look like the ones used for wallpaper, back in the day. Gorgeous.

  2. They were definitely used for some type of textile. They are old, well used, and colored with a variety of dye. Some were 'corner pieces' that you could make a larger square design with like tile. Very interesting.

  3. Absolutely fantastic!
    At first I thought it was chocolate though... :P

  4. If it were that would be the best chocolate ever!

  5. Wow, those are such treasures! I absolutely love them!


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