Monday, March 8, 2010

Hawaii, The Way I Remember It

color altered by AriannePICT0219I did not just sneak off to Hawaii without you even knowing it. Actually these pictures are from a couple of years ago when we took the kids, and it was our first ever trip there.

It was sunny, warm, and beautiful. But after the trip, when I reviewed the pictures, they just didn’t capture the warmth. They were pretty gray and shadowy. They could have been taken at home in Seattle. It many our faces were obscured in shadow.

In the few years since then I have learned (uh…my daughter   showed me) how to fix the lighting and shadows. Recently I ran  across the Hawaii pictures, and this time I played with them all in Microsoft Digital Image Pro, and suddenly it’s Hawaii the way I remembered it.

PICT0083color alteredPICT0083

Girls on the boat, before touchup and after.


color alteredPICT0116color edit and crop PICT0025

PICT0035 color editcolor alteredPICT0170color edit PICT0063

color alteredPICT0015color edit PICT0235  color alteredPICT0211 

color alteredPICT0097



  1. I have never been. I am jealous!

  2. Those look great. And so fun. and warm. I wanna go!

  3. Awesome! I miraculously got a chance to go there last Spring and I think it will be my favorite place forever. I wish I could live there. Great photos! I especially love the splashing in the water one. :}

  4. mmmmm
    I want some of that sun right now!!!


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