Monday, September 22, 2008

Six Random Facts About Me

Six Random Facts About Me

One of my Sisters recently ‘tagged’ me one her blog, (OK I know it was like a month ago but to me that’s recently) and now I am supposed to write six random facts about me. After that humongously long post last time I feel a little like Miss Bates, in Emma, sure to say six ‘things very dull indeed’, but the problem will be in limiting it to six.

Random Fact number one:
I love skirts. Especially swishy crisp cotton skirts that look like they could be from the early 60’s. I can’t pass them up. In high school in the 80’s I had two patterned skirts that had belonged to my mom when she was in school. I loved how they looked and felt. I wonder how many of these skirts I have??? Be right back…Fifteen. I have fifteen.

Random Fact number two:
I have dark hair so if it’s been too long since my last haircolor you can see the gray roots that grow in a little patch on the right side of my bangs. Don’t tell anyone, but in a pinch I touch it up before a date with a little mascara.

Random Fact number three:
When I was a kid I prayed to be magic. Seriously, for about a year.
When I got a little older I thought this was probably a sin and got really ashamed.
When I got older still I realized that God probably thought it was kind of funny, and he loved me anyway.

Random Fact number four:
I love my siblings. I am second oldest out of twelve kids. I babysat them, worked with them, helped potty train them, patted their backs till they fell asleep, fought with them…When I got married and moved away I missed them so much I cried almost every day for over a year.

Random Fact number five.
Proud to be Swedish. I’m a quarter Swedish. I don’t know much about my Swedish heritage other than some of the specialties we eat on Christmas, but I still believe I have a special bond with Ikea, more than other people.
And the voice on the ad reminds me of Grandpa Brink’s.

Random Fact number six.
On a serious note, I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far, especially of my family. I know I owe it all to God… “Hither by thy grace I’ve come…”
I have a lot to be thankful for.


  1. 12 kids! That's amazing! And I'm a big fan of skirts.

  2. Not only do I love the random facts ( I cried when I moved out, too...a lot) but I love the way you wrote them . I do believe we have a special bond with IKEA. That is so true.

    Love the post!

  3. I know this might be long, but I must tell you my reaction when I read each of your facts . . .

    1. Lol, I love that you went to count your skirts. And the fact that you have fifteen.

    2. This made me smile . . . I don't have this problem yet, but it sounds like the kind of quick fix I would come up with.

    3. I laughed so hard! I think I might have prayed for things just like this too, though probably not for a whole year at a time. I know I used to pray that I could fly . . . but I think the funniest thing I used to pray for was that I'd have romantic dreams at night, you know with a handsome prince who would kiss me? Seriously. I was like 5 years old.

    4. I think that's awesome that you came from a big family! That's so rare now. I came from a family of seven (me included) and everyone I knew made me feel like we were freaks to have so many people in our family. All except, one of my best friend's growing up who was one of 9.

    5. *GASP!* Can it be true????? I AM A QUARTER SWEDISH AS WELL!!!!!! My Mother is half and my Grandpa Krantz emigrated here as a child. How crazy is that? It's very much a part of who we are. At least, for my Mom, most of my siblings seems to think it's a bit silly that she cares about her Swedish roots enough to cook the food and give me the American Girl Swedish paper dolls and cook book and craft book when I was younger, but I really love it. And I feel attached to Ikea too. :}

    6. Just more of the same of what I've been feeling lately, as you know since you read my last post. Thanks for commenting, by the way.

    If you have said anything very dull, than I must be highly entertained by dull-ness (?) . . . I have never been so excessively diverted by a list of random facts before. :}


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