Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mansfield is Home

Portsmouth is Portsmouth and Mansfield is home. That is what Fanny Price realizes after a month back in her Mother and Fathers house.This last month I've been so busy....graduation, recitals, children traveling here and there, and on top of that a 9 day cold/flu that was like something out of the middle ages....that I haven't had much inclination for posting. Life was too busy for me, to hectic for my naturally slow pace. So what did I do? Retreat into Mansfield Park. Mansfield Park is my home in a sense too. It's my home away from home, when the stress here seems too much. I collect those two or three families in a country village that I know so well. I adore Fanny Price. She is the sister of my heart. I follow her through her trials and injustices. I honor her for her self control and self awareness. I stash my novel and read a chapter whenever I get a spare moment, and before I know it, I'm feeling better, I've watched the progress of spring, and our calandar is all but cleared for the summer months.

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